Basildon Borough History

Basildon Borough History

Basildon Borough History

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Basildon, Essex, England

Est. 2015

In 1086 Nezendena was in the Barstable Hundred and doesn't appear to have had any residents living in the area.  Little revenue was being collected from the area by Hageburn, or Roger The Marshall, whoever was lord of the area at the time.

There are 4 listed buildings all around each other on Church Lane.  Two of those buildings were amazingly demolished in 1989 for the new housing developments that were subsequently built there. 


A book about St. Peter's Church by Christopher Harrold and John Simpson called 'The Story of Nevendon' is available to order online.

Mary Hurst, a spinster of Nevendon, was accused of bewitching William Hodge on 24 May 1653.  She was found guilty, 'convicted of felony by witchcraft' and remanded in gaol until 'she shallbe delivered by due course of lawe'.

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