Basildon Borough History

Basildon Borough History

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Basildon, Essex, England

Est. 2015


Great Burstead, Little Burstead and South Green, being largely a rural area, have been home to many farms.


Kennel Lane in Great Burstead, named after kennels that stood nearby, was once the site of Acorn Farm that was near Well Farm.  The area is now covered with housing. 


Bullstead Farm was also in South Green.  It once stood next to Hickstars Lane and later became The Bulls Head Pub prior to being pulled down and replaced with flats.


Benson’s Farm, on the Great Burstead side of Wash Road, stood opposite Puckle’s Farm and the farmhouse appears to still exist.  The site is now home to a dog training centre.

Blackmore and Bung’s Farm still stands on Noak Hill Road in Great Burstead.  A lot of the buildings still appear to be standing.

Buller’s Farm once stood opposite Hope House in Little Burstead.  It appears that the farmhouse is still there, and can be clearly seen as you drive passed it.

Carver’s Farm, though replaced by modern buildings, still stands.  It can be found on Dunton Road, Great Burstead between Lady Spring wood and Poles Wood.

Church Farm used to be based on Rectory Road, Little Burstead opposite St. Mary’s Church.  The site is now home to a former Royal Observer Corp Bunker used during the Cold War.

Coxes Farm gave its name to the road it still stands on today.  The 16th-17th Century farmhouse has been Grade II listed since 1975.

Foot’s Farm, Great Burstead, once stood on Southend Road near the junction with Mill Road.  The site is now an empty field.


Gurnard’s Farm once stood at the end of what is now Granites Chase, Great Burstead.


Mundel’s Farm once stood on Wash Road, Great Burstead opposite Church Road.  It stood next to Petchey’s Farm.


Noakbridge Farm once stood on Noak Hill Road, unsurprisingly near Noak Bridge, housing now covers the farmhouse site.  The 1898 map shows it used to stand close to a spring.

Oak Farm was once a handful of farms that stood on Southend Road.

Rose Farm on Coxes Farm Road in Great Burstead, is now occupied by Oak Hill Farm.  The buildings that stood over 100 years ago have since been replaced.


Housing and cottages now stand on the former site of Salmon’s Farm in Little Burstead.  It was opposite Ninge’s Farm in Billericay.


Snails Hall Farm sat on what is now Greens Farm Lane, South Green near with its junction with Outwood Common Road.  A Zeppelin shot down on the night of 24 September 1916 crashed on land farmed here.


St. Margaret’s Farm buildings shown on the 1898 map for this Little Burstead Farm have all gone.  It used to be only accessible by footpath but a small track road now runs to the buildings that stand there, and still use the farms name.


Sudbury’s Farm in Little Burstead farm gave its name to Sudbury’s Farm Road.  There are still farm buildings on the site.

Watchhouse Farm still stands on Wash Road, Great Burstead opposite the junction with Pound Lane Central.

Well Farm used to stand on Church Road, Great Burstead, but has been replaced by modern housing.


Whitepost Farm in Great Burstead has been obliterated by the A176.

Southend Farm still stands on Southend Road in South Green and the farmhouse is Grade II listed.

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