Basildon Borough History

Basildon Borough History

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Basildon, Essex, England

Est. 2015

Burghesteda was recorded in the Domesday Book survey of 1086.  

Great and Little Burstead can be found to the west of the borough, with Billericay to the north and Dunton to the south.

Opendomesday.org suggests that Great Burstead was a very large settlement as it contained '118 households'.  In comparison Little Burstead had only 9 households.

​In 1582 Agnes Bryant, of Great Burstead, was accused of witchcraft.  She was found guilty of bewitching 20 'brewinges of beere'.

Margaret Prentize of Little Burstead was accused in 1605.

In 1610 John Skaife was also accused of Witchcraft. This could be John Skates who was a weaver in Billericay and went before the assizes in 1616.

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