Basildon Borough History

Basildon Borough History

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Basildon, Essex, England

Est. 2015


On the hill, at the top of North Benfleet Hall Road, there are now a few houses and farm buildings, as well as All Saints Church. 

The 1888 OS Map shows All Saint’s Church standing next to North Benfleet Hall which had a moat.  The site of the hall is now occupied by a large farm shed and the moat is nearly hidden, apart from a small section which hosts a willow tree.


Outside the church is a pond.  The pond is smaller than it was in 1888 but it still makes for a pleasant approach to the church.


Walking in to the graveyard means passing through a small wooden gate, under a large tree, whilst using a heavily shingled path.  The church has not been used since 1996 but the churchyard is well kept.

The oldest grave I could find was dated 1820, but next to the 16th Century entrance is a large stone tablet erected to the memory of John Cole who was injured at Waterloo.  He died 10 April 1836, aged 51.

Parts of the church date to the 1300’s, if not earlier.  Essex Churches states that there may be Norman remains in the current building.  The church was rebuilt in the 1600’s and restored 200 years later.  The tower was built in 1903 but contains the timber frame of the previous tower.

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